Would you like to be supported on your Journey?

Are you using the Ashati/Reiki energies for your healing or, did you have a pause and want to get back on track and need some help?

You can book supportive sessions designed to help you unfold to your fullest potential through ongoing guidance, support, and encouragement in your 21-day self-healing and integration period, in between the levels or after. 

These individual meetings can be comprised of an energy healing, a personalised guided meditation, a psychic reading or a coaching/mentoring session.


In all these approaches, I provide powerful energies for deepening your conscious awareness on all levels of your being to understand your personal healing process, and unfold to self-love and self-compassion. 


The personalised meditations are more than a guided meditation using visualisation and your inner sight to

connect with your energy self. It is an energy healing journey, enabling you to access these powerful energies made available for your specific meditation by using unique energetic and manifestation techniques. 

The sessions also offer practical advice, techniques and tools to master challenges in daily life and answers concerning the self-healing practice. 

The sessions can be scheduled in-person at the Marrara Studio or over-distance via phone, Zoom or Skype.

If you would like to start your journey with the energies, then learn more from the following options Training Programs | Individual Levels 

What My Clients Say

Mirka is the ultimate person to guide you through the Ashati experience. With her background as a psychotherapist and her innate skill and feel for energetic flow, she is both a gentle and wise guide. She is pragmatic, non-judgemental, helpful on a practical level, and just a beautiful soul to help you along the way. 


- Amanda C, Writer|Designer -