Would you like to be supported on your Journey?

Are you an Ashati/Reiki Practitioner?

You can book 30 or 60-minute supportive sessions, which are designed to help you unfold to your fullest potential through ongoing guidance, support and encouragement.

These individual meetings can be comprised of an energy healing, a personalised guided meditation, a psychic reading or a coaching/mentoring session. You will deepen your emotional awareness, practice mindfulness and learn how to manifest your life consciously.


The sessions help you: understand your personal healing process, offer practical techniques and tools to master challenges and provide answers around the self-healing techniques. The sessions can be scheduled in-person at the Marrara Studio or over-distance via phone and Zoom.

What My Clients Say

Mirka is the ultimate person to guide you through the Ashati experience. With her background as a psychotherapist and her innate skill and feel for energetic flow, she is both a gentle and wise guide. She is pragmatic, non-judgemental, helpful on a practical level, and just a beautiful soul to help you along the way. 


- Amanda C, Writer|Designer -