Frequently asked questions

What is energy healing and what is it's value?

Energy Healing is a renowed healing method where the practitioner uses healing energies found in the dimensions of our Universe. Each dimension can have different vibrational frequency layers, containing many forces and even healing powers with its uniqueness, quality, and purpose. The energy healing practitioner uses his/her hands and intention to channel the healing energy, into a person, animal, plant or space with the purpose of healing for the highest good. Because energy is, after all, everything, it is the source of all matter, the planet, our bodies, and our spirit, soul, thoughts and emotions. Repressed emotions, obsolete thought patterns and limiting belief-systems can cause energy blockages, disconnecting us from the universal energy flow. By receiving healing sessions or by gaining access to these healing energies, using them to clear these energetic, mental blocks, it's possible to heal emotional trauma and balance your entire energetic and physical being. It can support you in the process of self-discovery and self-realization. Energy-based healing and personal & spiritual development can change you, the people around you and consequently your life.

What is Universal energy?

Universal energy, also called Chi, (Qi or Ki), is the energy of life itself. A balance of Yin and Yang, positive and negative, it is the electromagnetic energy that flows through everything in creation.

Where do these healing energies come from?

The universe is multi-dimensional and everything is made of multi-dimensional energies. Humans, plants, animals and objects are made out of multi-dimensional energies. We live in the 3rd dimension, the dimension of matter, the physical dimension, where everything is tangible, perceptible, solid, physical. The healing energies of the Ashati energy healing system are also multi-dimensional. Each level gives you access to another range of energy, with its associated properties and purpose, thereby healing and clearing your multi-dimensional energetic make-up and physical body.

What are the benefits of the energy work you are doing?

In brief… It facilitates a calm mind, clarity and serenity and enables endurance and tenacity. It also helps one to:

  • Expand self-awareness
  • Just rest, recharge and ‘be’
  • View ones life from a higher perspective
  • Figure out ones life’s purpose
  • Grow self-confidence and self-encouragement (being your own cheer squad in life)
  • Value yourself (knowing that you are enough)
  • Trust ones intuition and grow ones psychic abilities
  • Learn how to shed and transform difficult emotions
  • Sooth physical pain
  • Be able to ‘let go’ and surrender
  • Find practical tools one can use oneself

Which energy healing systems do you use in your work?

I chose to work with the Ashati energy healing system because of its comprehensive approach of energy healing. It’s a new generation of energies, aligned to the new era of human evolution and calibrated to the frequencies of Mother Earth and the Universe. I'm a fully licensed and accredited "Ashati All-Level" healer and teacher" which allows me to access and facilitate all energy levels of the Ashati energy healing system for activation, healing and teaching. I'm also initiated and trained in the energy systems of Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Seichim and the Healing Order of the Golden Dragon, which are complemenary to the Ashati system.

What is the difference between the Reiki and Ashati energy healing system?

The Reiki healing system is mainly used for healing on the etheric and physical body, drawing energies from the Astral level. This type of healing is very relaxing and grounding. The Ashati energies and the changes created by the energy activations are completely different from Reiki and other energy healing systems. The Ashati system focuses on "consciousness", its emotions, thoughts, beliefs, intuition, development, expansion and reconnection to higher levels. The complete healing system includes a range of interconnected energy systems in multi-dimensional levels - Ashati (mind), Alsemia (physical body), Ascension (spirit), higher Alsemia (consciousness). The levels build upon each other, drawing higher dimensional energies for the healing, clearing and balancing of your entire being. This enlightening process provides immense healing and manifestation abilities which enables you to go back to the source of your true nature and authentic self.

How do I get support in the process?

Sometimes, one gets stuck on this journey, feeling the pull to give up, which might lead to old habits, behaviour and emotional distress - it is normal & expected in the process of self-discovery. Then it is helpful to know how to embrace the challenges and understand them from a higher perspective. Know you are supported on your journey by
Email | Write to me, and I will come back to you as soon as possible. Facebook Group | Join the group to exchange and ask questions with like-minded people.
Supportive Sessions | Book 1:1 sessions with me. It can be a 30 or 60-minute meeting designed to help you unfold to your fullest potential through ongoing guidance, support and encouragement. The sessions are scheduled in-person at the Marrara-Studio or over-distance via phone or Zoom.

What is the Marrara Studio like?

The Marrara-Studio provides an airy, serene, and safe space for you to delve into the realm of your being. It is a space where you can ponder in silence or share and be held in compassion. It gives room to celebrate every step on your journey, may it be large or small - a place where you can let go, relax and just be.

How can you do the healing work over distance?

My work is based on energy healing and metaphysical teaching. Therefore, I'm channelling multi-dimensional energy and working on your subtle energy bodies of your being, rather than the physical dimension and matter. Energy healings, intuitive readings or any level of energy activation (initiation) can be done just as effectively in person or over distance, even from the other side of the world.

Why would you come to me?

  • You feel stuck in your life.
  • Your mind is busy and restless, circling over and over with useless and worrying thoughts.
  • You feel anxious, depressed or can't sleep.
  • You want to heal trauma, gain clearness, and understand why you face particular challenges in your life.
  • You eat too much or too little or take drugs or alcohol to feel good.
  • You suffer from physical health issues.
  • You want to be a better person for yourself and your loved ones.
  • You must make a decision but don't know which way to go.
  • You want to be the change you'd like to see in the world.
  • You are longing for a fulfilled and blanced life.
  • You feel the call for growth, to change, to embark on a new path.
  • You feel called to find your inner strenght, passion and purpose in life.
  • You just want to be yourself!