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I Love to Inspire Empower Support

I offer a simple, non-dramatic, reliable method to support you on your healing and consciousness development journey. You will grow, evolve, and mature on this journey, moving from relying on others to spiritual independence and responsibility. Through the process, you will learn and know that you have direct access to your own spiritual source.


I will help you grow beyond self-discrimination and self-rejection and lead you to greater self-love and trust, unfolding your passions and living your full potential. As you will be more aligned with what is meant to be, life becomes more peaceful, healthy and fulfilling.

Why should you work with me?

I appreciate your willingness. This is important to me because together, we are creating a better world. Without you, this mission may not succeed.
  • My intentions are pure and always for your highest good, coming from a place of love & integrity.

  • You have my absolute attention in 1:1 sessions and small groups. 

  • I view challenges from a positive space because every negative has a positive.

  • There is no judgment. Instead, I'm mindfully accepting what is and, therefore, seeing every aspect of you as being good enough. 

  • I generate hope and positive views because seeing this is vital to the healing process.

  • Your higher self oversees your entire healing process. Whatever you need will come to you naturally, so I don't force anything onto you.

  • I don't sell or share your personal information! Your details are safe & protected with me. 

  • Nothing is written in stone! Psychic messages about what might happen in your future come from that "present" moment in time and allow you to adjust when necessary.

  • I give advice, options, ideas, new awareness and knowledge about being a human in a physical & spiritual world. 

  • I work as a complementary health care professional for 25 years. I will always recommend and support appropriate specialists when I deem it necessary or think it will aid you in your healing journey.

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...started many lifetimes ago when I was born into a sorceress family. In these times, the mystic and metaphysical healing gifts were rather doomed to be evil and sentenced to death. In order to survive, I learned to hide and suppress my inborn gifts of healing skills very early in life. Life after life, my soul followed this pattern until I was born into this life. And yet, my soul chose a country to be born where one could not freely express one's opinions, beliefs, and truth. People like me were punished and sentenced to prison. At that stage, it seemed that my soul was destined to continue the pattern of holding back its higher purpose to serve humankind.

The relocation to a democratic country as a child turned out to be an invitation to spread my soul’s wings. Still, the many lifetimes of conditioning kept me shy, overwhelmed, victimised and lonely. As an adolescent, I suffered with depression and an eating disorder for ten years. After seven years of distress and emptiness, I started to question life, doubted its purpose, and the fact of being human. Question after question set me off on a quest, desperately looking for answers, not knowing where to start and what was awaiting me.

It became a journey of self-discovery and self-fulfilment, with phases of discomfort and difficulty, but also with so much beauty and might beyond imagination.

Life granted me many wonderful teachers from different cultures and belief systems. They all had their own healing methods and helping people grow and approach life from the bright side. In each of them, I found a piece of myself, a piece of my soul’s purpose, leading me back home to my true essence. Over many years, step by step, I have been unfolding my higher purpose of helping people to grow and expand their own essence of true being.

My journey has allowed me to develop my unique talents and skills over 25 years, which form the basis of the healing work I do today. I guide people through their self-discovery journey using my intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing. I feel others' emotions, read between the lines, and identify what stops people from being happy and satisfied in life. Mother Earth keeps me grounded, my mind pragmatic and practical, and my heart considerate and kind. My love of guiding people on their life journey is not a job nor a business. It’s my passion.