Are you feeling stuck in your life? Are you ready to change it but don't know where to start?

Take your personal and spiritual

growth to a higher level.

Rediscover yourself. Grow your passion. Step into your full potential. Manifest peace, health, and fulfilment. Live with purpose. Simply be!
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Meet Mirka

Hi, I’m Mirka Pesek, I’m here to inspire, empower and support you on your journey, discovering and unfolding to your true self.

I'm a qualified psychotherapist and an internationally recognized metaphysical healer and teacher. I founded "Marrara - The Journey" with the purpose of helping people to grow and teach them to re-kindle their own ability to heal. My process is personalised and combines mindfulness, holistic/spiritual coaching, energy work and training others in these modalities. I also offer professional teaching, compassion, wisdom and love.

How Does it Work

Learn the "Art of Healing" for Yourself & Others

I work with the ASHATI Energy Healing system, incorporating various healing energies, including the Reiki system. It is a level by level structured and guided personal, spiritual and professional development program, providing you with the necessary information, energies and techniques to facilitate a transformation of your mind, being and life. It is unique and revolutionary, teaching you about our multi-dimensional existence and universe.

The process helps you heal your body, mind, and soul and expand your awareness and higher senses, your intuition for your guidance. It will raise your whole being's vibrational energy, allowing you to view your life from different perspectives. The newly learned skills also enable you to heal others, like family and friends, plants and animals, or grow your expertise and professionalism. 

Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places you & others thought you never would.

What are the benefits

It facilitates a calm mind, clarity and serenity and enables endurance and tenacity.

It also helps one to:

  • Expand self-awareness

  • Just rest, recharge and ‘be’

  • View one's life from a higher perspective

  • Figure out one life’s purpose

  • Grow self-confidence and self-encouragement (be one's own cheer squad in life)

  • Value oneself (knowing that you are enough)

  • Trust ones intuition and grow one's psychic abilities

  • Learn how to shed and transform difficult emotions

  • Sooth physical pain

  • Be able to "let go" and surrender

  • Find practical tools one can use oneself & on others

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What can I do for you?




You will find us working from the Marrara-Studio, nestled in a pocket of rainforest on Australia's Sunshine Coast, or you can meet us online, no matter where you are in the world.

What My Clients Say

I met Mirka in 2007 when I, as a practising psychologist who had experienced many modalities of therapy myself, was in search of deeper healing and meaning in my life. I believe that the wonderful Mirka Pesek was put on my path. ​She introduced me to the transpersonal realm and the power of connecting with mystery and greater universal wisdom. It was clear to me that she worked on energetic levels, but at the same time, she offered unconditional, human support on my journey as a friend and very gifted, intuitive healer. She is a person of great integrity and pure intention. I cannot recommend her work enough. She offers so much more than a service. She offers her total self. This is soul work that will change your life.


- Dr Jana Lazarus, Clinical Psychologist -


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