Jerome Baudel, Founder of Ashati

Welcome and congratulations on taking this next step in your energetic development journey. You may be completely new to this world of energy, chakras, inner guidance, and healing, or you may have already started your journey, which guided you to more energetic and spiritual development. Either way, I am sure that you will very soon see the amazing potential of the energy activations included in your program, and of the healing work they will enable you to do for yourself and others.


Energy Activations: These provide a significant shift in your energetic structure, which determines many aspects of you, such as your perceptions, healing abilities, awareness, and much more. Energy activations can be received in person during workshops or over distance (the energetic work and effectiveness are exactly the same). There is a 21-day integration period that follows each energy activation, and you will need to perform daily self-healings at home during this time (approximately 20-40 minutes per day). The content within your course provides guided meditation tracks for both, distance energy activations and self-healings. These can be replaced with relaxing music if you prefer.


As you will get to discover, the self-healings are extremely effective in pushing you forward on your journey, and also in letting you experience the techniques and the benefits of energy healing for yourself (adding more and more advanced techniques to your healings as you progress through the programs).


An energy activation is an amazing experience and it is very powerful in itself, but it is only the unlocking of a potential. You will need to bring the new energies into your being through self-healings in order to get the amazing benefits that your program has to offer. Many of those who did their healing work regularly and completed all their energy activations said that this journey was their biggest life-changing experience.


Online Content: You will find additional content within each course manual and some have videos and audio tracks. Please take your time to go through this content as it becomes available, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The Ashati programs provide a deeply personal and unique experience because of the individual healing and personal development path of each person. This is a real journey within the world of energy, and most importantly, within yourself. It is a good idea to keep a short diary of the key feelings, thoughts and realisations that come up during your program so that you can reflect on the progress of your journey later on. 


Pay special attention to repressed energies that may surface during this time and to your ability to process and release them from your being.  Remember to be gentle with yourself and the people around you as you go through this energetic metamorphosis.


It may be tempting to stop your development journey when unpleasant emotions from your past re-surface. However, this is the most important time to continue with your self-healings and energy activations so that these repressed energies, which have been affecting you for probably a very long time or all your life, may finally and permanently be processed and cleared. And what an amazing feeling it is afterwards, when these burdens have been lifted for good!


Our philosophy is to be there when you need us and to give you space to heal and grow rather than imposing interactions and assessments. For this reason, please email us if you have any feedback, comments or questions along the way. We will be more than happy to help. You can also interact with others within the Ashati Facebook Group. This group has become the ‘communication platform’ for students, where you can chat, share your experiences, keep in touch and provide support to each other when needed. I would recommend leaving an ‘introduction message’ when you join, letting everyone know what you registered for and where you are located in the world – you may find new local and international friends, and feeling supported is important during your journey. This group is monitored to make sure that the information is relevant, respectful and helpful. It is, however, YOUR space, a space where you can interact with others who are on a similar path. If you have a specific question or comment for us, please send a private email instead.

The Ashati team and I invest a lot of our energy and effort in continuously developing these programs. We know that they help people in very deep and unique ways, and we want to share them with you. However, this is YOUR journey. We can only provide you with the energies, tools and knowledge. The rest is up to you, and how far you go depends on how far you want to go.


I am sure you will enjoy this journey of self-discovery, healing and personal transformation.

Jerome Baudel

Founder of Ashati