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I’m loving life,

...and here to guide you on your journey through the darkest night

so you can shine in your brightest light"

While walking on my healing pathway, I discovered that my purpose in life is to support people on their life journey.

Every time I have battled confrontations within and outside of me, I have felt it happens for a greater reason; being here in this life, facing challenges, digesting and understanding them wholeheartedly to share these experiences and their insights with everyone for their highest good. Today, I feel deeply grateful for people who reach out to me with their intention to let go of old, embracing change, stepping into their full potential and discovering their true purpose in life.

Chronic physical pain, stress-related disorders or feeling lost or stuck, confused and fearful in life are all signs, trying to make us aware of a misalignment in us, inviting us to look deeper and finding the cause of our misery.

I'm going along with what is in the very moment, create conscious awareness about the truth of the moment, and then offer a wide range of tools to be able to return to a fulfilled, healthy and happy state of being.

In the last 35 years, I have come across many healing practices and techniques. Following my intuition, delving into a few of them, maturing my individual talents and skills has formed my way of healing work ~ intuitive ~ heartfelt ~ professional.

Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

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