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MARRARA ...from me to you

May I introduce to you Marrara! She is my ally and mentor in the Plant Spirit world. Her energy set me off on a journey where my healing work I’m offering today is based on.

Marrara is the local name in the Makhuwa language of the African Dog Rose – Xylotheca Kraussiana. This plant is spreading widely over the tropical Mozambique land, flowering in countless blossoms from October to December, which is the driest time of the year.

I met Marrara in a time where my family and I have been on a cross-road, deciding to step out of our comfortable and predictable life into a whole new adventure by moving to Mozambique with the aim to experience simplicity in an indigenous and unfamiliar environment.

When we arrived on the land my sight caught thousands and thousands in the sunlight sparkling flower heads, standing out vibrant in blossom. It was breathtaking, beautifully overwhelming. ....butterflies were swirling in my stomach.

Her beauty of white delicate overlapping petals and a solid and clear orange-yellowish center took my attention from the first moment. Her serene subtle existence and enchanted sense of a sensitive and warm female energy, harmonically entwined with the enduring might of male power made me fall in love with her straight away. Her existence at that present moment gave me the necessary strength and trust to take on our unpredictable journey. Furthermost, there was this sense that she is an important puzzle piece on my path of life purpose.

After some time living right next to her and sharing time in silence, she suddenly connected with me. I started to feel her energy and receive messages, sometimes as pure body sensations, sometimes as pictures in my mind and often the sense of sincere knowing. Plant Spirit Wisdom.

Our bond became treasured and my confidence in connecting with her on the energetic level grew and matured each time we met. I started to ask questions and she replied with answers. She taught me about the energetic world of plants, their spirits and healing energies. How to connect and use their properties for healing purposes. Today she is my spiritual guide, mentor and friend.

In 2009/2010 we created the first energetic flower essence range called "Heaven on Earth" with eight unique combinations. Each of them is a blend of a particular plant spirit mixed with energies of the mineral world and pure intention.

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