"The wound is the place where the light enters you."



The healing Journey is a combination of Energy-Healing, mindful observation, together with the possibility of feedback and guidance. It starts from where you are at in your life, reflects on your needs and desires which creates the goal for the work ahead.


Each Journey is unique and will help you to relax your body, quieten your mind and expand your awareness. It eases physical pain, calms uncomfortable emotions, transforms limiting thought patterns and belief systems, and recognizes self-imposed limitations and suffering.


Your pathway becomes clear from the outcome of each session which gives the work an authentic approach, and allows us to explore your needs instantly and support you with the right tools. It can be a relaxing aura and chakra clearing, or you open yourself to deeper work with lasting results in personal and spiritual development. The overall purpose is to re-connect with your true self, to find your true purpose and shine in your brightest light. 


More Clearness in No Time

Do you want to get a deeper insight into a specific life issue? This journey will give you a genuine understanding where you are at and how it is influencing your present state of being. Before we start, we will assess your situation and your needs then set a clear intention for the session. The full range of energies is going to work on your multi-dimensional energy system - healing, clearing and balancing your energy bodies, chakra system and physical body, heal energetic family cords and cut old ones.  Whilst on your healing-journey you gain insights on what needs to take place in your situation so you can move forward and reach well-being. Your body will be relaxed, your pain soothed and your mind calm. It provides a higher perspective of the challenging situation, which gives you the opportunity to see more positive solutions. After the session, we have time to reflect on your journey and evaluate how to move forward on your path.

90 min - AU$120


Are you longing for Change?

You must be ready for a change! This is an amazing offer - effective - great value - with long-lasting change!

You will embrace yourself in 5 x 90 min. journeys, scheduled weekly or every fortnight to keep the process flowing. A development process of discovering and shedding everything that isn't really you, an awakening of your true essence in balance and harmony. Each session includes an opening conversation, energy healing as outlined in "Open for Possibilities", and time for integration.

5 x 90 min - AU$550

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