​Full Program covers 6 workshops and 7 activations, including manuals, tutorial videos, meditations.

Part of Advanced Energy Healing Certificate

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12th/13th of March 2022

Marrara-Studio | Palmwoods | Australia

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Registration essential | small workshop setting


Next to Marrara-Studio | Marrara Cottage,

listed on Airbnb - please CONTACT ME


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Energy Healing & Reiki Workshops | Payment Plan

Payment Schedule

  • 2nd Payment | HT Workshops 1 & 2
    Marrara Studio
    12 Mar 2022, 9:30 am AEST – 13 Mar 2022, 1:30 pm AEST
    Marrara Studio, Palmwoods QLD 4555, Australia
    AU$300| Payment due 19th of February 2022
  • 3rd Payment | HT Workshops 3 & 4
    Marrara Studio
    02 Apr 2022, 9:30 am AEST – 03 Apr 2022, 1:30 pm AEST
    Marrara Studio, Palmwoods QLD 4555, Australia
    AU$400 | Payment due 12th of March 2022
  • 4th Payment | HT Workshops 5 & 6
    Marrara Studio
    30 Apr 2022, 9:30 am AEST – 01 May 2022, 1:30 pm AEST
    Marrara Studio, Palmwoods QLD 4555, Australia
    AU$400 | Payment due on 9th of April 2022


The Healer Training is a comprehensive program that includes multiple energies, including Ashati 1 and Ashati 2, as well as Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. Each energy level works on different levels of your being. Together, these healing energies complement each other and offer a profound healing journey and broad training in energy healing and Reiki, whether for personal development or working as a professional energy healing / Reiki practitioner. Therefore, the energies offered in the Healer Training facilitate deep healing on many levels, including on the physical body, conscious and repressed emotions, thought patterns, belief systems, soul, and past life. They also naturally unlock a process of self-awareness and consciousness expansion, as well as intuition development.



The content of the Healer Training program is divided into workshops and includes the following energies:

  • Ashati 1,

  • Ashati 2,

  • Reiki 1,

  • Reiki 2,

  • Higher Senses,

  • Alsemia 1

  • Alsemia 2

What My Clients Say

I’ve just completed my Ashati 2 and feel great! To anyone who might be hesitating, really, just dive in and do it. Whilst I’ve previously been open to alternative ideas, I didn’t know or understand a great deal about energy work and basically took a suck it and see approach. The Ashati 1 and 2 activations & healings made me take a good hard look at my life and really question all elements of it. From there I could consciously choose to keep them, make them more awesome or leave them by the wayside. Ashati 1 basically cleared out a lot of unhelpful energy (limiting beliefs, old habits, accepting the hum drum), and created a space. Plus a healthy dose of gratitude for my lovely life. With Ashati 2 I’ve continued to clear out unhelpful energy and feel more like my real self than ever before. It’s like cutting through all the garbage to

get back to who I really am. The unapologetic, lovely essence of me. I feel a tangible sense of clarity and serenity – two things that I’ve always had a hankering for. It’s a great feeling. I also feel ready to experiment with new avenues for my talents. Mirka is the ultimate person to guide you through this experience. With her background as a psychotherapist and her innate skill and feel for energetic flow, she is both a gentle and wise guide. She is pragmatic, non-judgemental, helpful on a practical level, and just a beautiful soul to help you along the way. I have a great life, but Ashati seems to have amplified all this somehow. Now my outlook, relationships, level of satisfaction with life and scope for future endeavours are all beyond awesome. Thanks, Mirka & Ashati

- Amanda C, Writer|Designer -

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A healer is not someone you go to for healing, but someone who triggers your own ability to heal yourself.