What’s one thing you’d LOVE

to manifest in 2020?

In this hands-on and guided, 8-week course, you will experience a step-by-step process for manifesting and create a vision & roadmap for your most abundant year yet.

Starting on the 2nd of February 2020.

Welcome the New Year with a Clear Purpose







"Abundance is not something we acquire,

it is something we attune to" 

Just a Thought

What do you want? Why do you want it? Why don’t you have it already? What holds you back? 

We ask you to choose ONE THING you’d love to manifest in 2020. Something you've been wanting for a long time, an idea whose time has come, a wish or a new goal. It can be in relation to your family or relationship, your career, or anything relating to you.  


But maybe you don't know what you want? If that sounds like you, then you will discover your deeper calling, possibly something that is meant to happen for you.

We invite you to join us on this personalized 8-week course to learn about the laws and principles of manifestation, receive a roadmap and take home a toolbox that you can use over and over again.

In this course, you will...

  • Learn about the laws and principles of conscious manifestation

  • Discover the true power of your thoughts, your feelings and your energy.

  • Realise who and what you are at the deepest level of your being. 

  • Learn How to connect directly to your Higher Self (higher consciousness), for your guidance. 

  • Learn about the aspects of resistance and fear.

  • Understand the concepts of acceptance and judgment.

  • Find out what your blocks and draw-backs are.

  • Learn how to stop attracting unwanted energy.

  • Quick & Easy ways to raise your vibration and frequency

  • Learn how to establish gratitude and joy in your daily life. 

  • Learn about Affirmations, which ones work and which don't (and why) 

  • Shift step-by-step into becoming a conscious creator.

"Clear your Mind of Can't"

  • An 8-week personalised course for manifesting your most abundant year

  • A small group environment to ensure an individual approach  

  • 3 x group Workshops @ 4 hours each

  • 7 x group Online Coaching/Mentoring sessions on Zoom 

  • Simple, powerful, and effective guided meditations and practices

  • Powerful yet gentle energetic healings & individual guidance

  • Useful and personalised tools to maintain your practice at home

  • A roadmap to navigate your daily practice

  • Your personal Visionboard for your visual reference

What you will receive!

Your Special Bonus

#1   Gift pack on your arrival - all you'll need for your journey!

#2   Access to a Private Facebook Group

#3   MANIFESTING 2020 Alumni Group on Facebook after the course

"Fulfil Your True Calling for 2020!"

Mirka Pesek



Life and Spiritual Coach

Reiki & Ashati Energy Healing System - Master Healer/Teacher

Meditation, Mindfulness  Facilitator and Instructor

Moving in Awareness

Yoga Teacher

Founder of Marrara-The Journey

I have got a pure intent

and a clear vision about

my life's purpose.


My heart and soul are aligned with the universal energy to create and change my reality with

my direct actions.



I'm acting with love and passion, embracing every moment of my perfect life. 


About Us


We love to inspire and awaken in you the passion for learning about manifesting things you wish or that are meant to happen in your life.

Our intention is to encourage you to embrace your true self and discover your natural strength and unique abilities.

We come to you from a place of integrity and honesty, with the aim of guiding you on your journey.

Jodie Bartimote


I have spent the last year, just healing and working on myself with Mirka’s gentle yet firm guidance.

In the beginning I was lost. It has been quite a journey as I have embraced so much healing and growth.

Now being a qualified Master Healer with the Ashati energies system, I am ready to embrace the new year with my discovered abilities and skills to incorporate into my Family Connections business. Concepts and skills that feel good, that feel natural and right to me.

I have found my passion; my true calling and I did this through the concepts that Mirka will be sharing with you, throughout this 8-week course.

I am here as her student and assistant and look forward to supporting your journey to health, wealth and finding your purpose..

Ashati Energy Master Healer

Ashati Healing Practitioner

Alsemia Healing Practitioner

Passionate & Loving Mum of 4

Family Connections Mentor

What people are saying...

"Believe You Deserve It and the Universe will Serve It"

Course Details

Workshops/each 4 hours

1st Workshop - Kick-Off - Sunday, the 02.02.2020

2nd Workshop - Sunday, the 23.02.2020

3rd Workshop - Sunday, the 22.03.2020

Time each workshop: 9:30 am arrival for 10 am start until 2 pm.

Location: Marrara Shala, Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast. 


Online Coaching/Mentoring 1-hour sessions on Zoom

Dates: Thursday's, the 06.02./13.02./20.02./27.02./05.03./12.03./19.03.2020​

Time: 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Places are limited to 8 people. So, grab your spot NOW!


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