Welcome, Jodie!

I'm pleased to have Jodie on board as a team member! She has a caring heart and a unique talent in supporting people to create a loving and safe family environment.


Jodie joined Marrara for the Self-Healing & Meditation training at the start of 2019. From the first moment, she said, "I would love to learn working with the energies like you, Mirka. I want to give back and help family members connect with each other". Jodie's love to assist families was primarily a commitment to herself by embracing her own family life challenges. She was and still is a devoted student of the School of Life.

She accomplished the Master Healer and Teacher accreditation with the Ashati & Reiki healing system. She focused on developing her higher senses to recognise and understand Divine messages for the clients' guidance. Jodie studies counselling at present and is in the midst of her Ascension Training, an advanced spiritual development training in the Ashati system with ongoing supervision. 

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Spread Love everywhere you go.

Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

- Mother Teresa -

As a young wife and mother of four, I decided right away that this was the most important job in the world, and I was going to be the absolute best. Growing up with many areas of hurt and pain, I knew my children would not have that. However, I did not know that it did not matter what I did unless I healed myself of these hurts, I was never going to be the Mum I felt they deserved.

15 years later, after much dedication to ensuring I did everything “just right” for everyone! I was a mess, struggling daily. As a result, so was my family. On the outside, everything looked perfect, but on the inside, it was not. Family life can be messy. There are many different personalities, each with their own challenges creating lots of excess baggage. As a family, we are energetically connected, but we often do not know how to be together without placing our baggage onto others.  Not until we look deeply into ourselves and own our stuff, then we begin the self-healing and life-changing journey.

This is where my journey began, once I truly took a close look at my own baggage. I was then given a gift, that gift came in the friendship and eventual mentorship by Mirka. Having had these personal life challenges, followed by committing to my own healing process and seeing the results it has had on myself and my family, I have found my passion!

I am extremely passionate about aiding families in finding their truth. Seeing their own baggage and working through their healing journey. Resulting in true connection to themselves, Mother Earth and one another.

I have learnt it does not matter who you are or where you come from in life, and it does not matter the mistakes you may have made. Everyone can turn their life around and into something they love to live for. This can all be done through the gentle healing that is offered here at Marrara. I am so very honoured to be here today as a Marrara team member, enabling me to contribute to this healing, creating a true life connection for others.

I look forward to witnessing and aiding in your health journey in all aspects, living and creating a true-life connection. A life that you love to live.

With Love, Jodie