"There is something between science and the essence of spirituality, between modern and ancient knowledge, between the expected and what we still call miracles.

We simply call it energy and that is what we teach

and let you experience for yourself."

Jerome Baudel

Founder of Ashati


The ASHATI System is a step-by-step personal, spiritual and professional development program and equips you with the necessary information, energies and techniques to facilitate a transformation of your mind, being and life. 

The training is self-paced and you practice in the comfort of your home.

It helps you to heal your body, mind and soul, and to expand your awareness and higher senses, your intuition.

You start to understand your thoughts and emotions and learn how to

connect easily with your higher-self for your guidance.

The gentle process encourages you to view and approach challenges differently

and to understand them wholeheartedly. 


You acquire new skills which allow you to heal others,

like your family, friends, animals and plants.

You are supported by

individual coaching and mentoring sessions,

guiding you on your journey. 

…everything starts with an Energy Activation

To be able to do these healings for yourself, and later for others, you will need to receive energy activations. There is one energy activation per level and energy. It is the key to the amazing personal development, spiritual awakening and accelerated healing.

 The energy activation is an energetical expansion of your chakra system, activating a new level of energetic development and a connection to the specific healing energy that you will then be able to channel during energy healings and meditations, for yourself and others. The activations are often rich in sensations, profoundly relaxing and inspiring. They are very safe and under the control of what we call your own higher-self.

As a trained and an accredited Ashati teacher, I facilitate multi-dimensional energy activations to various vibrational energies of the Ashati system, which are building upon each other.  The activation (also called initiation) can take place in person, in a 1:1 or a group live-workshop setting, or over distance. 

Energy Activations over Distance

Because we are working with the energy parts and the aspects of our being that are connected to the physical body, such as chakras and energy bodies, energy activations can be done just as effectively in person as well over distance, even from the other side of the world. They can be scheduled worldwide and are performed live by me.  Each activation takes only 30 minutes of your time. The manuals include instructions on how to prepare for it.

…and is followed by a 21-day integration period

After receiving an energy activation, you will enter a 21-day self-healing and integration period, which is the core of your personal development journey. It is recommended to practice daily short self-healing meditations in the comfort of your home. The practice is easy to do and explained in detail within the manual, additionally with the assistance of an optional guided meditation/audio track for the use at home.

“The Key to Growth is the Introduction of

Higher Dimensions of Consciousness into Our Awareness”


Lao Tzu

The Stages and Levels of the Ashati Energy System available over distance or in-person.

Personal Development

Stage 1


Level 1-3 Packages

Level 1

Lower Consciousness

Pre-requisite: your willingness

Level 2 

Higher Consciousness

Pre-requisite: Level 1

Level 3 

Conscious Manifestation

Pre-requisite: Level 2

Higher Senses




Grow your Intuition

Increase your Connectedness

Develop your Higher Senses

Spiritual Development

Stage 2


Advanced Levels 1-5

High-level personal and spiritual development Journey

The Evolutionary Process of Energetic Ascension enabled

by higher levels of Energy Activations

Pre-requisite: Stage 1

Subconscious Healing

Stage 3


Advanced Levels 1-12

Transforming Consciousness


A very high-level program

focused on

Consciousness Energy

Pre-requisite: Stage 1 and 2

Pre-requisite: Stage 1/Level2

The Start

Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

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