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Advanced Certificate of Energy Healing

ASHATI is an accelerated energy healing, meditation, psychic, personal and spiritual development program to help you heal your body, mind and soul, expand your awareness and higher senses, understand your thoughts and emotions, connect with your higher self and spirit guides, and much more.

Ashati is based on three principles: 

RECEIVING insightful knowledge about our energy and our universe. PRACTICING powerful energy-based healing and meditation work. EXPANDING awareness to new levels and listening to our intuitive guidance. 

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I have been a licenced and accredited Ashati Master Healer and Teacher since 2015, facilitating the training workshops in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and interactive online. It allows me to facilitate multi-dimensional energy activations to various vibrational energies of the Ashati and Reiki energy healing system. Both systems can be used simultaneously in healing, complementing each other. 

After healing work on myself with different modalities and 25-year experience supporting others in personal and spiritual development, I don't know any other approach as profound as this healing system.

The benefits of the Ashati healing energies are limitless. The multi-dimensional energies working in synergy helped me dissolve some unshakeable discomfort and deep-rooted hurts directly and unfolded a greater trust & belief in myself for who I am and my life purpose.

The most profound benefit was the shift in my awareness, increased intuition, and direct connection to my higher self for my guidance. The teachings and techniques are inspiring, easy to understand, and easily incorporated into daily life. It offers a genuine reunion with who you are - your essence, the sacred part in you we all are searching for. 

What's next?

To be able to do these healings for yourself and later for others, you will need to receive energy activations. They are the key to this unique and accelerated healing journey and spiritual awakening. Each activation expands your chakra system, initiating a connection to the specific healing energy for you to channel during healings and meditations for yourself and others. The activations are often rich in sensations, profoundly relaxing and inspiring. I can do the activations in person or over distance.

The 21-day integration period!

After receiving an energy activation, you will enter a 21-day self-healing and integration period, which is the core of your personal development journey. It is recommended that you practice short, self-healing meditations in the comfort of your home on a daily basis. The practice is easy to do and explained in detail in the manual, there is also an optional guided meditation audio track for your use at home. Any questions you may have can be addressed over e-mail or in the supportive sessions. 


You receive with each energy activation additional content

Download interesting and informative booklets for each level


Receive recognition for your personal and professional record


Practice relaxing and life-changing meditations


Email, Facebook,

1:1 Supportive Sessions 


Watch inspiring tutorials


Set higher standards! Grow your existing business or start a new career. 


Each level offered by Marrara-The Journey is designed for people wishing to embark and progressively advance on an amazing and profoundly transformative journey. However, these levels also provide comprehensive training in energy healing (incl. Ashati and Reiki), whether this is for personal development, to help your children, friends and relatives, or to set up a successful professional practice.

The cost of your modules may be tax-deductible if you choose to work professionally.

The following minimum levels are required to obtain professional qualifications. Higher levels will provide additional and more advanced skills and energies. 

  • Ashati 2 - Ashati Practitioner

  • Alsemia 2 - Alsemia Practitioner

  • Reiki 2 - Reiki Practitioner

  • Higher Senses - Psychic / Intuitive

  • Teacher Training - Ashati Institute Registered Teacher 

  • Reiki 3 - Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Alsemia 12 - Subconscious Exploration™

  • Alsemia 13 - Alsemia Group Healings and Group Subconscious Exploration™

The generic qualification of "Energy Healing Practitioner" and "Energy Healing Teacher" can also be used.

ACCREDITATION - ETA/Energy Therapies Association

If you wish to work as an energy healing practitioner or teacher, joining a professional association will help you set higher standards of professionalism and ethics. It will also show potential clients that you have received adequate training and that you are following an appropriate Code of Conduct.

Membership with the Energy Therapies Association Includes:
• 1-year FREE membership (after completion of Ashati 2)
• FREE “Professional Practice” manual
• Membership certificate
• Code of Conduct
• Use of the Energy Therapies Association’s logos for marketing
• Recommended professional insurance policies for a list of countries

This program is accredited by the:
Energy Therapies Association


Most modules are also recognised by other professional associations worldwide, including the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) and the IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals).